Public & Private

Cocktail Classes

Do you love craft cocktails? Do you like to mix drinks at home, but want to take your mixology skills to the next level? Tammy’s Tastings online cocktail classes are for you!


  • Learn the history and stories behind cocktails and their ingredients.
  • Discover lesser known classic and modern cocktails, instead of the same boring parade of Mules and Margaritas.
  • Enjoy a small group, interactive experience, with time to ask questions and get personalized suggestions and tips as you mix drinks.
  • Choose from several recipes in each class: from drinks that just need a single spirit and a trip to the grocery store, to drinks that reach deep into your liquor cabinet.

Tammy brings history and storytelling to the (virtual) table with her classes. Whether you’re a seasoned mixologist or new to the cocktail scene, Tammy shares her wisdom in a very approachable manner.  – Elaine

Typical Class Flow (for public classes):

  • You’ll receive your recipe list 7-10 days prior to class, giving you plenty of time to shop and prepare any optional specialty ingredients
  • On the day of the class you’ll sign into Zoom. The class kicks off with a welcome and introductions among the small group (no more than 12 computers connecting).
  • Tammy tells the stories of the first few cocktails, including their ingredients and history, using pictures, videos and live demonstrations. You can ask questions any time.
  • Break for mixing! You’ll mix your choice of cocktail(s) from the list of 8-10 provided, and get live tips on substitutions and ingredients as needed. Then you’ll get to show off your drink and discuss it with the group.
  • More stories and picture about the rest of the cocktails, followed by a last round of mixing, questions and sharing.

Duration: 60-75 minutes.

Sample Recipe List

(Click on image to download)

tammys tastings sample recipe list

Private Online Cocktail Classes

Tammy’s Tastings online cocktail classes are a great way to bring friends and family together for an activity when you can’t be in the same room. They’re perfect for birthday parties, family gatherings, and pre-wedding events. You can choose from our extensive list of class topics or get a class customized for your group. Class formats include the small group, multimedia classes describe above, or demonstration style classes (as described here) that are suitable for larger groups. Private classes start at just $175. Contact us for more information or to book.

This class was super fun and I’m not just saying that because now we’re snockered. I learned much more than I expected to. If you’re a sucker for cultural history of any kind and you like drinks, this is a must-do.  — Cecilia & Corwin 

Very informative. I liked the slides and the historical information. The pacing of the class is just right. Tammy is extremely knowledgeable and approachable.  — Jon