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IN-PERSON & ONLINE: Cider Season: From freshly pressed sweet cider, to bubbly hard cider, to apple jack and apple brandy, the humble apple has a long cocktail history which we’ll explore in this oh-so-seasonal class. BYO-donuts.

ONLINE: Weekday Wine Tasting: It’s a BYO wine tasting! You’ll get the lowdown on how to properly taste and evaluate wine, and you’ll get to share your discoveries with others who are tasting along from home. Initial classes are focusing on a survey of red and white wine varietals, and future classes will delve deeper into specific grapes or regions.

ONLINE: Fall Cocktails: When I think of fall, I think about apple cider, pumpkin pie, a warming shot of whiskey, and the smell of burning leaves on the wind. In this autumn-themed cocktail class you’ll discover cocktails that take their inspiration from the season.

ONLINE: Intro to Mixology: Learn the secrets to making great drinks at home! This small group class includes slides, visuals, and discussion, plus live demonstrations of cocktails where you can mix along. You’ll learn the essential cocktail mixing techniques you’ll need to follow almost any cocktail recipe. But you’ll also learn the fascinating history and stories behind the drinks, plus get all of your cocktail questions answered by an expert.

Class Packages: Save when you purchase multiple classes at a time! Credits can be used now or saved for future classes, and packages are available for both in-person and online classes.