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Looking for an in-person class? They will be back in January!


ONLINE: Amaro Amore: Amari are Italian bittersweet herbal liqueurs that add complexity, fascinating flavors, and structure to cocktails. Learn why bartenders love them and you should too.

ONLINE: Prohibition & Repeal: Celebrate Repeal Day and learn how Prohibition transformed America. How did we end up there, how did we get out of it, and what we were drinking along the way?

ONLINE: Holiday Cocktails: Get ready to celebrate the holidays and toast the new year with a selection of festive cocktails, from bubbly champagne cocktails to rich egg nogs!

ONLINE: Spice Cabinet: Cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice – not just for cookies. Cardamom and coriander – not just for Indian food. The spices of the world are key ingredients in bitters, liqueurs, infused syrups and other cocktail ingredients. 

Class Packages: Save when you purchase multiple classes at a time! Credits can be used now or saved for future classes, and packages are available for both in-person and online classes.