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ONLINE: More Than Mojitos: Mojitos, Daiquiris, Cuba Libres and more – few places in the world have seen the birth of as many essential cocktails as Cuba. Learn about the history that made them possible, and explore classic favorites and lesser-known creations.

ONLINE: Italian Connection: Explore Italy’s many contributions to both classic and modern mixology. Think about aperitivos like Campari & Aperol, the many bittersweet concoctions we call Amaro, sweet vermouth and sweet liqueurs like Maraschino & Amaretto, and even Prosecco, limoncello, and grappa. Without these, our cocktails would be much less interesting!

ONLINE: More Zero-Proof Cocktails: This follow-up to my previous Zero-Proof class features all new cocktails and the opportunity to learn about the structural elements that make non-alcoholic cocktails work.

IN-PERSON: Born in the USA: Cocktails as we know them today are fundamentally American creations, although they are now made round the world. In this class, take a cross country trip in your glass as we explore the regional classic cocktails of America, from New Orleans to Kentucky to Washington DC to California and beyond.

ONLINE: Coffee Break: Coffee and cocktails are two great tastes that go great together! Decaf drinkers welcome – some recipes will have very small quantities of coffee or liqueur in them.

IN-PERSON: Summer Cocktails: Mojitos, Margaritas and much much more! Learn how to make the best versions of several classic and modern summer cocktails with real juice and other fresh ingredients.

Class Packages: Save when you purchase multiple classes at a time! Credits can be used now or saved for future classes, and packages are available for both in-person and online classes.