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IN-PERSON: Margarita Lab: The margarita is a simple sour – just tequila, lime juice, and an orange liqueur as sweetener. But once you start delving into those ingredients (not to mention the salt/not salt debate) it becomes clear that a great margarita is anything but simple. In this lab you’ll taste a variety of tequila and orange liqueurs on their own, and test out proportions and presentation methods on your way to developing your ideal margarita recipe.

IN-PERSON: Craft Drinking Walking Tour: Ann Arbor has a vibrant craft scene and on this tour you’ll have a chance to explore it with an industry insider and cocktail expert. We’ll visit three stops and during our short walks through the city’s neighborhoods you’ll learn some Ann Arbor history. In the bars, Tammy will help you navigate the menus and explain as much or as little as you’d like about the ingredients and techniques that go into your glass.

IN-PERSON: Brunch Drinks: From classics like Mimosas and Bloody Marys to modern creations with eccentric ingredients, this class will explore those drinks best drunk with friends in the middle of a lazy weekend day. What makes a drink a brunch drink? We’ll taste a bunch of examples on our way to developing a unified theory of the brunch drink.

ONLINE: Look on the Light Side: When you’re lounging at the pool on a hot summer’s day, the last thing you want is a high octane drink. This class will focus on cocktails that are on the lighter side – tall and fizzy, perhaps, or just featuring ingredients like sake and vermouth that are naturally less alcoholic, but still delicious!

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