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Floral Flavors: April showers bring May floral cocktails! In this class we’ll explore a variety of different floral ingredients. We’ll talk about liqueurs like the ever-popular St Germain and Creme de Violette. Explore the artful application of a few drops of rose or orange blossom water. And look to infusions and syrups made from ingredients like chamomile or hibiscus.

Brandy Cocktails: Many of the spirits we know and love are made from grain. But what do you do when you’ve got more grapes than grain? You make brandy! In this class we’ll talk all about cocktails you can make using the queen of brandy (Cognac) or other great aged brandies you can find from the USA, Spain and elsewhere. We’ll also talk about Pisco, the unaged grape brandy of Chile and Peru. Brandy is the least known of the spirits – come discover its secrets!

Spring & Summer Bourbon: For a lot of people, spring and summer are about lighter white spirits, like vodka or gin. But bourbon can be a great warm weather mixer. This class will explore the lighter side of bourbon cocktails with fruity farm-to-glass creations, tropical Tiki drinks, and refreshing highballs.

Beer Cocktails: Why choose between a cocktail and a beer when you can have both? When it comes to cocktails, beer offers flavor, fizz, and fun!

Cocktails & Cooking – Fiesta Mexicana: Explore Mexican flavors with Tammy’s Tastings and Last Bite Chef! You’ll explore cocktail and food pairing as we combine foods from Mexico with cocktails featuring tequila and mezcal. This is a cook and mix-along class!

Zero-Proof Cocktails: Whether you call them mocktails or zero-proof cocktails, every home bartender should have a non-alcoholic drink or two at the ready. Packed with flavor, mocktails can be every bit as interesting as their alcoholic counterparts, and offer a delicious alternative for those who can’t or don’t want to drink.

5 Class Package: Pay for 5 classes at once and save $4 per class over purchasing individually! Credits can be used now or saved for future classes.