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ONLINE: Where There’s Smoke: Smoked cocktails are one of the hottest trends in cocktails. In this class we’ll talk about a variety of ways to get smoke into your glass. We’ll cover equipment and techniques for actually setting things on fire to smoke your drink, but we’ll also talk about using ingredients like smoked salt, burnt caramel, mezcal, and peaty Scotch that add that flavor without quite so much infrastructure!

ONLINE: Scotch Cocktails: Robert Burns night is January 25! Celebrate in style by learning about Scotch – the original cult whiskey. Come learn about its history and different styles, from basic blendeds to butterscotchy Speysides to in-your-face Islays. And while there are many Scotches that should be saved for sipping straight, this class will focus on the cocktail applications of this Scottish favorite.

ONLINE: Sour Power: Lemon and lime are cocktail essentials. But what about grapefruit, orange, and even lesser used citrus like Meyer lemons and kumquats? In this class we’ll explore the crucial role citrus juices play in cocktails.

ONLINE: Love Potion #9: What do strawberries, honey, saffron, watermelon and chocolate all have in common? They all supposedly have aphrodisiac qualities. History is filled with stories of lust and love inspiring foods, so just in time for Valentine’s Day, I’m offering a whimsical class highlighting cocktails that feature these ingredients and more..

ONLINE: Crazy for Cacao: In this class we’ll explore some of the most delicious ways to drink this seasonal favorite. From creme de cacao to chocolate bitters to fat washing and milk washing, we’ll explore all things chocolate and cocktails. Prepare to be surprised by the range of flavors and styles – this is not your grandmother’s spiked hot cocoa (although we’ll talk about that too!).

ONLINE: Wartime Drinking: World War II had a profound impact on not only what we drank but also how we drank, especially in the decades that followed. This class will feature a variety of cocktails that will help us look at surprising and long-lasting impacts of the war, mostly in the US, but also around the world..

ONLINE: The Green Fairy: Banned for most of the 20th century, Absinthe is back. This most storied of liqueurs has been called both a muse for writers and artists, and a cause of criminality and insanity. Come learn all about this famous anise & wormwood liqueur, and some cocktails to make with it!

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