In-Person Events

Private In-Person Events

As vaccination rates increase and we start to return to some pre-pandemic activities, Tammy’s Tastings private events are a great way to bring people together to share in a fun hands-on activity. Our events are fully customized to your interests, suitable for groups both large and small, and accommodate a range of budgets. Tammy’s Tastings is located in Ann Arbor, MI and travels throughout lower Michigan and northwest Ohio. For more information or to book, please contact us.

Cocktail Classes: Add some mixology to your next party or occasion! Our private classes are perfect for bachelorette and birthday parties, book clubs, or just an excuse to get your friends together! Each class is customized to your group’s interests. We have a variety of event formats available to suit groups of every size, from an 8-person in-home class to a 50 person walk-around event at a special event venue. Private cocktail classes start at $400.
Craft Cocktail Bartending: Make your next party extra special with craft cocktails from Tammy’s Tastings. We’ll work with you to design a cocktail menu just for your event, featuring premium spirits, fresh juice, housemade syrups, and unique bitters and other specialty ingredients. Private bartending rates start at $100/hour.
Tasting Events: Treat your guests to a fun and educational food and drink experience. We’ll lead them through a fun and interactive tasting of wine, beer, cheese, bacon, chocolate, or whatever your group would like to discover. Tastings start at $400.

Image of Two Women with cocktail shakers at a Corporate Event
Image of four people at an outdoor Private Event -- Cocktail Class

Didn’t you used to do in-person public classes? When are those coming back?

Up until March of 2020, all Tammy’s Tastings events were in-person! Like so many other hospitality businesses we had to make difficult decisions and figure out how to continue in a post-COVID-19 world. We’re really thrilled that so many of our customers have made the pivot to online with us!

Since we do not have a location of our own, we rely on partnerships with other businesses to offer public classes. At the current time in Michigan, bars and restaurants are still operating under restrictions that do not make in-person public cocktail classes feasible. We do intend to start offering public in-person events in the future, but can’t predict when that will be.

Tammy brings history and story telling to the (virtual) table with her classes. Whether you’re a seasoned mixologist or new to the cocktail scene, Tammy shares her wisdom in a very approachable manner.  – Jen 

Gift Certificates and Credits

Tammy’s Tastings gift certificates and credits do not expire, so if you have a pre-existing certificate or credit, you’ll be able to redeem it when in-person classes return. You can also apply the value of your in-person class credit or certificate towards online classes. Contact us for more information or if you’d like to redeem.