ONLINE Class - Spirits 101 - Sugarcane and Agave Spirits


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Eastern Timezone

Bookings closed

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Most of the spirits we drink start with grain. But the natural world has provided us with many sources of sugars for yeast to work their magic on. In this session we’ll explore sugarcane spirits (mostly rum) and agave spirits (tequila and mezcal). Learn their origin stories, fascinating history and fun facts in this interactive online class. You’ll explore your own liquor cabinet, and taste examples of different spirits you already own while learning all about them in a rich audio-visual format. Then you’ll have a chance to mix up a cocktail or two with your newfound knowledge.

Each session is limited to a small number of signups so we can keep things interactive, just like an in-person Tammy’s Tastings class. But you can have multiple people sharing your computer screen for a single ticket purchase, so feel free to bring your spouse/SO/stranded college kids – pricing is per computer connected, not per person!

I’m offering three separate classes that together will touch on nearly all the major spirits groups. But each class is being offered as a standalone, so you can pick and choose which you’d like to attend. Part One covers vodka, gin and aquavit, while Part Three will cover the wide world of whiskey.


Bookings are closed for this event. Space may still be available! For events at The Last Word or Straight Farmhouse, call Rebecca at 734-219-8481 to inquire. For online events, call Tammy at 734-276-3215 to inquire.

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