Moar Rum

8:30 pm - 9:30 pm Eastern

Rum is way too complicated to understand and appreciate from just one class, so I’m back with another sugarcane-soaked adventure. We’ll dive into different styles of rum and the many ways they can be used in cocktails. This class will include grassy rhum agricole that we mentioned only in passing in the first class, and will focus mostly on non-Tiki rum cocktail recipes. If you’re looking for Tiki, or want to get your rum basics down before this (slightly) more advanced class, then sign up for Yo-Ho-Ho on April 10 to be fully prepared!

Pricing is per computer connected, not per person! You’ll receive a list of several recipes in advance so you can pick which drinks you’d like to make in our mix-along time. Online class sessions are limited to a small number of signups so we can keep things interactive. 

NOTE TO GIFT CERTIFICATE HOLDERS – Gift certificates marked as good for $15 classes can also be used for $19 classes at no additional charge!




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