IN-PERSON: Cachaça Curious


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Eastern Timezone

Bookings closed


The Last Word
301 W Huron Street, Ann Arbor, MI, 48103

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Cachaça is a bit of mystery for most people. Made from freshly pressed sugarcane juice in Brazil, it’s the star of the Caipirinha, one of the world’s most popular (and easiest to make!) cocktails. But there’s so much more to cachaça than that! Discover its delights in this class that will explore a variety of cachaça cocktails. Our special guest will be Novo Fogo Cachaça representative Emily Shannahan, who will be on hand to satisfy your cachaça curiosity, tell us about their fantastic sustainability practices, and introduce their amazing single barrel bottling available at Ann Arbor’s A&L Wine Castle.

Your booking includes light snacks (pretzels, nuts). The Last Word is closed during the class, so no food service is available. The class includes a combination of history and stories, technique instruction, and hands-on making of cocktails. Plus sampling, of course! Total consumption is equivalent to 1.5-2 cocktails per person over the 90-120 minute class.


  • You MUST be vaccinated to attend class. You must show your Covid-19 vaccination card, either the actual object or photograph of it, along with a photo ID bearing a name which matches the card.

Additionally, we will be following all state requirements and CDC recommendations regarding Covid-19 precautions as they exist at the time of the class. We recognize that everyone has their own level of risk tolerance and requirements. Please review the list below, and only book if you are comfortable with the situation as described, and note our refund policy which provide credits rather than refunds in most cases.

  • Individuals should wear masks when not seated at their table.
  • Tables will NOT be separated by 6 feet.
  • Equipment and ingredients will be shared between tables
  • Maximum class size will be 24 people, plus staff


The friendships that have sprung up between strangers seated together at Tammy’s Tastings classes are some of our favorite things and communal tables are an important part of the Tammy’s Tastings experience! But we understand some of you may not want to be seated with people you don’t know, so we are offering both private and communal tables. Attending alone? We apologize, but we cannot guarantee that singles will be seated at a table by themselves, so only buy a ticket if you are willing to be seated with others.

How to book:

  • Choose your table type, then purchase the number of tickets for your party. Pricing is per person, not per table.
  • Due to table size limitations, the maximum party size is 6 people, and there are a limited number of those tables available.
  • Everyone in your group should book on a single order as we cannot guarantee that groups booking separately will be seated together (this is a change from the past where you had the option of specifying people to be seated with).

Bookings are closed for this event. Space may still be available, call Tammy at 734-276-3215 to inquire. For events at Straight Farmhouse, call Rebecca at 734-219-8481.

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