Cachaça Curious


8:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Eastern Timezone

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Cachaça is a bit of mystery for most people. Made from freshly pressed sugarcane juice in Brazil, it’s the star of the Caipirinha, one of the world’s most popular (and easiest to make!) cocktails. But there’s so much more to cachaça than that! Discover its delights in this class that will explore its story, along with a variety of cachaça cocktails.

You’ll receive a list of several recipes in advance so you can pick which drinks you’d like to make in our mix-along time. Online class sessions are limited to a small number of signups so we can keep things interactive. But you can have multiple people sharing your computer screen for a single ticket purchase, so feel free to bring your spouse/SO/stranded (21+) college kids – pricing is per computer connected, not per person!



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