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Cocktail Classes

So much of the time, cocktails in bars are overly sweet, insipid, and not very interesting. But a well made cocktail is a revelation. In my cocktail classes, you'll learn all about cocktails, including how to mix your own drinks at home and how to order a drink you'll really like in a bar.  Classes are hands on, with lots of tasting opportunities. All classes are $35 per person, unless otherwise noted.

April 21 - Drink Like a Monk
(7:30 pm at The Last Word)

Monks have been distilling and brewing for hundreds of years. This class will focus on monk-made herbal liqueurs (Chartreuse & Benedictine) that take cocktails from simple to sublime, and also make a brief stop in the world of beer cocktails.

SOLD OUT. Email me to be added to the waiting list.

May 5 - Brandy is Dandy
(7:30 pm at The Last Word)

Many of the spirits we know and love are made from grain. But what do you do when you've got more grapes than grain? You make brandy! In this class we'll learn all about spirits made from grapes and other fruits, like brandy, cognac, pisco, applejack and various eau-de-vies. And of course we'll mix up some cocktails with them too!

June 9 - Summer Cocktails
(7:30 pm at The Last Word)
Mojitos, Margaritas and More! Get ready for summer as you learn how to make the best versions of several classic and modern summer cocktails with real juice and and other fresh ingredients.

June 30 - Equal Parts
(7:30 pm at The Last Word)

Cocktails don't have to be hard to make to be delicious. Some of the best cocktails have deceptively simple recipes, and in this class we'll explore the magic that can happen when the right ingredients are combined in equal parts.

July 28 - Farm-to-Glass Cocktails
(7:30 pm at The Last Word)

It's the middle of summer, and the Farmer's Market is overflowing with bounty. This class is about incorporating all of our wonderful local produce - herbs, cucumbers, berries, tomatoes - into cocktails. We'll learn all about muddling, infusing, and even "shrubs."

August 25 - No Shots Allowed
(7:30 pm at The Last Word)

Too often, the word "tequila" brings to mind bad 21st birthdays and fraternity hazing, but we'll examine the variety of roles this under-appreciated spirit plays in cocktails. Its sultry, smoky and sophisticated cousin Mezcal will also appear.

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