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Cocktail Classes at The Last Word

So much of the time, cocktails in bars are overly sweet, insipid, and not very interesting. But a well made cocktail is a revelation. In my cocktail classes, you'll learn all about cocktails, including how to mix your own drinks at home and how to order a drink you'll really like in a bar.  Classes are hands on, with lots of tasting opportunities and are held at The Last Word, 301 W Huron St.

Dec 15 - Holiday Cocktails
(7:30 pm at The Last Word, light snacks only, $45)
Spice up your holiday entertaining with some seasonal cocktails. You'll create your own house champagne cocktail, explore the world of warm drinks like hot toddies and mulled wine, and have fun with nogs and flips.
Jan 12 - Sour Power
(7:30 pm at The Last Word, light snacks only, $45)
Lemon and lime are cocktail essentials. But what about grapefruit, orange, and even lesser used citrus like meyer lemons and kumquats? In this class we'll explore the crucial role citrus juices play in cocktails.
Jan 26 - All About Bitters
(7:30 pm at The Last Word, light snacks only, $45)
Just what are these "bitters" things anyway? Can a dash really make a difference? This class will focus on this essential cocktail ingredient, from the classics like Angostura and Peychaud's to the many modern creations.
Feb 9 - Sherry and Port
(7:30 pm at The Last Word, light snacks only, $45)
Fortified wines like Sherry and Port are one of the hottest trends in modern cocktails. Taste some examples while learning about the different styles, then see why they are becoming so popular behind the bar!
Feb 23 - Spring Break
(7:30 pm at The Last Word, light snacks only, $45)
Get your passport stamped at several tropical ports as you taste cocktails from Jamaica, Brazil, Cuba etc. In keeping with our vacation theme, this class will feature a walk around format that will allow more time for socializing.
March 9 - Crafting with Vodka
(7:30 pm at The Last Word, light snacks only, $45)
Vodka gets a bad rap in the craft cocktail world. Is it deserved? We'll do some experiments and decide for ourselves. Then we'll explore some craft applications for America's bestselling spirit.
Mar 23 - Flips, Fizzes, Sours & Nogs
(7:30 pm at The Last Word, light snacks only, $45)
Many classic cocktail recipes call for the addition of an egg white or even a whole egg. While this might seem odd at first, you’ll be surprised how much difference (in a good way) it can make.

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