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Cocktail Classes at The Last Word

So much of the time, cocktails in bars are overly sweet, insipid, and not very interesting. But a well made cocktail is a revelation. In my cocktail classes, you'll learn all about cocktails, including how to mix your own drinks at home and how to order a drink you'll really like in a bar.  Classes are hands on, with lots of tasting opportunities and are held at The Last Word, 301 W Huron St.

Note: Beginning with my September class, prices will increase to $45/person, and 3-class packages will go up to $120 (save $5/class over buying individually). However, 3-class packages will stay at $100 until August 31 and can be applied to any upcoming class. Buy now and save!

August 25 - No Shots Allowed
(7:30 pm at The Last Word, light snacks only)

Too often, the word "tequila" brings to mind bad 21st birthdays and fraternity hazing, but we'll examine the variety of roles this under-appreciated spirit plays in cocktails. Its sultry, smoky and sophisticated cousin Mezcal will also appear.

Sept 22 - Manhattan Lab
(7:30 pm at The Last Word, light snacks only)
The classic Manhattan recipe is simple, but it's really just the beginning. In this "lab" you'll dive deep into choices around whiskey, vermouth, bitters and ratios, and come away with a recipe for your ideal version of this timeless cocktail.

Oct 13 - Fall Cocktails

(7:30 pm at The Last Word, light snacks only)
When I think about fall, I think about apples, pears, and pies with warm spices and molasses, and we'll be mixing up cocktails inspired by those ingredients. This will include some great farm-to-glass drinks inspired by the Farmer's Market. We'll also talk about how to make and use different kinds of sweeteners in cocktails.

Nov 3 - Year Round Gin

(7:30 pm at The Last Word)
Gin & Tonics may be the perfect summer drink, but gin is so versatile that it has a place in every season. In this class you'll learn about different styles of gin and explore fall, winter and year round cocktails that take advantage of this eminently mixable spirit.

Nov 17 - Better with Bubbles

(7:30 pm at The Last Word, light snacks only)
The only thing better for the holiday season than a glass of champagne is a cocktail made with champagne. Get ready for Thanksgiving and beyond by learning to make a variety of cocktails that will take your holiday entertaining to the next level!

Dec 1 - The Forgotten Whiskey: All About Rye

(7:30 pm at The Last Word, light snacks only)
Rye whiskey once reigned supreme - especially on the East coast of the US - but over time, Bourbon came to dominate. Now rye is making a comeback, and in this class we'll taste a few examples and try out some cocktails that make the most of its spicier and drier character.

Dec 15 - Holiday Cocktails

(7:30 pm at The Last Word, light snacks only)
Spice up your holiday entertaining with some seasonal cocktails. You'll create your own house champagne cocktail, explore the world of warm drinks like hot toddies and mulled wine, and have fun with nogs and flips.

Packages and Gift Certificates

Three Class Package for $100
Price goes up to $120 on September 1. Buy now and save! You can decide on your classes when you purchase the package, or wait for upcoming classes to be announced. Just email with the classes you'd like to reserve.

Gift Certificates
Gift certificates are available in single or three-class packages. I'll email you a printable gift certificate for your recipient to redeem.

Cocktail Classes at Other Locations

Save the Date: October 21 - Fall Cocktails at Evans Street Station in Tecumseh