Easter Chocolate Truffle Workshop

Easter Chocolate Truffle Workshop

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

In this hands-on 3 hour workshop you’ll learn to make both hand dipped truffles and molded bonbons, and will take home chocolates that you can give as gifts (or eat all by yourself!). You will:

  • learn to make ganache (the creamy center of a truffle)
  • learn to form truffle centers
  • learn to temper chocolate
  • practice dipping and decorating using prepared chocolate centers
  • learn to decorate, fill and finish molded chocolates using professional polycarbonate molds
  • learn to make hollow chocolate eggs using professional polycarbonate molds

You’ll take home a small ganache-filled Easter bunny, 8-10 truffles, and some hollow eggs.

The location for this Ann Arbor event will be provided after registration.