Other Classes & Workshops

In addition to cocktail classes, I offer a variety of classes and workshops. Contact me to book a private workshop for your group, check the Events page for upcoming open workshops, and join my mailing list to be notified when new events are scheduled!

Modernist Cuisine WorkshopsDessert with foam

Molecular gastronomy. Sous vide. Foams. Spherification. These are some of the most modern cooking methods, which you may have read about online or seen used in television shows like Top Chef. In this hands-on workshop you’ll get to try out these techniques for yourself and taste the results!

VegetablesEating our Values

We want our food choices to reflect our values. Some of us try to buy food grown and raised locally, others try to buy organic. Which tastes better? Which is better for the environment? Which is healthier? Which is more likely to pay a fair wage to the farmers? The answers aren’t always obvious.

In this fun and delicious workshop, you’ll examine how your life experiences and values inform your food choices. Using comparative tastings, activities, and discussions, we’ll explore the different things we think about when making shopping and eating decisions.

Chocolate Workshops

Truffles WorkshopTruffles

Homemade truffles are surprisingly easy to make, once you learn a few key tricks of the trade. Attendees will:

  • learn to make ganache (the creamy center of a truffle)
  • learn to form truffle centers
  • learn to temper chocolate
  • practice dipping and decorating centers I’ve prepared in advance
  • take home at least 12 finished truffles

Molded ChocolatesMolded Chocolates

This advanced class is best for those who already have some experience with basic truffles. I’ll teach you to create the beautiful colors and effects. Individual and group lessons are available, contact me for more information.