Classes and Workshops

Cocktail Classes

So much of the time, cocktails in bars are overly sweet, insipid, and not very interesting. But a well made classic cocktail is a revelation. In my regular cocktail classes at The Last Word, you'll learn all about cocktails, including how to mix your own drinks at home and how to order a drink you'll really like in a bar.  Classes are hands on, with lots of tasting opportunities. Reserve your space and read about upcoming classes on the Shop page.

I also do private classes for groups. Email me for more information!


Chocolate Workshops


Basic homemade truffles are surprisingly easy to make, once you learn a few key tricks of the trade. Contact me for more information about my hands-on truffle making workshops. Attendees will:

  • learn to make ganache (the creamy center of a truffle)
  • learn to form truffle centers
  • learn to temper chocolate
  • practice dipping and decorating centers I've prepared in advance
  • take home at least 12 finished truffles

If you have a pre-existing group of 4-8 people and would like a private workshop, you can contact me to arrange a time that works best for your group. Otherwise, join my mailing list or watch the announcements page for news about upcoming workshops.

Molded Chocolates

This advanced class is best for those who already have some experience with basic truffles. I'll teach you to create the beautiful colors and effects you see on my chocolates page. Individual and group lessons are available.