Through Tammy's Tastings, I create unique food and drink experiences for -- and with -- you. For your events, I can cook fantastic meals and mix up delightful craft cocktails. I also love to help you learn about what you're drinking and eating, and how to make it yourself. I believe that great food and drinks matter. By paying attention to taste, quality, and sourcing, what we eat can contribute to both a happy life and a healthy community.

Explore my website to learn more about:

Classes and Workshops - Learn to mix a perfect martini, or make your own chocolate truffles!

TT Supper Club - an occasional underground dining experience in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Tasting Events - Wine tastings, chocolate tastings, bacon tastings... there's a tasting event for every occasion and budget.

Private Party Catering & Bartending - Impress your guests with a fine dining restaurant style meal prepared and served in your own home, or a special menu of craft cocktails prepared just for them.

Contact me at tammylc@tammystastings.com to find out more.